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The Church Where Everybody is Somebody

"There are no Big I's or Little you's.”

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Welcome to Macedonia Baptist Church

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What an honor and a privilege it is to pastor and provide spiritual leadership for nearly thirty years to this Church that is over eighty-five years old. God has truly blessed us to become a strong, inspirational and vital community of faith. As Macedonia Baptist Church continues to move forward and upward, my prayer and heart’s desire is that this community of faith will be both motivated and inspired to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to “make disciples of all the nations.” (Matthew 28:19, ASV) This means that Macedonia has been called to transform believers into spiritually mature disciples who will be filled with the Holy Spirit, knowledgeable about the Word of God, and actively engaged in compassionate and effective ministry to the fallen, hurting, and needy.  

                                                                                                                                                                                ...Pastor Leonard D. Comithier, Jr.

Vision:  Faith in Action 

 Mission:  To nurture a community where men, women, boys, and girls may find God and be found of God. We are called to address the needs of the whole person by activating our commitment to worship, preaching, teaching, outreach, and economic development. 


  • The Horizon Leans Forward For Us
  • The Church Where Everybody is Somebody, "There are no Big I's or Little you's.” 
  • Standing on the Edge of Now

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Come and labor in our Vineyard. There is always a place for you to serve is the house of the lord. At Macedonia, there are "no Big I's and  little you's."

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